Not being satisfied with the DVD-covers of the TV-series »Buffy The Vampire Slayer«, I created a concept based and inspired by vintage book covers. All season-cases look like different books and are being organised in a »special book-delivery box«. Since the books are supposed to be collected from different sources, the titles, languages, and images vary from cover to cover. But each season’s cover design gives a hint to its content, e.g. the cover for season 5 has arabic letters and a collage of some creepy being on it—translated it means »gods«, and it is a god who is the main antagonist in that season. In order to not be confused by the non-»Buffy«-specific titles, there’s a label on each cover’s side which reads »BTVS S01«, »BTVS S02«, etc., and refers to the season inside of the DVD-case.